Dear Friends;

As the Director of K D College of Management & Technology (KDCMAT). I feel proud to talk about the KDCMAT, Established in 2015 our efforts are to provide an error free education system for students.

In this Computer Era, We depends an the computer to helps us complete task, and to solve problem computer are used in various fields like business, pharmacy, music, Education, transport, defense engineering & working etc. as they help to ease certain task, provide information faster and speed up the work.

We endeavor to nature every student enrolled with us the management is committed to provide the students with the necessary Environment and the support for their career planning and advancement.

We are committed to ensure genuine university Education service to energy student in the present time of fake do comments and forgery.

We aim to serve the Student in such a way that they groom and grew in right direction in their careers and lines.

KDCMAT run through the society Kiran Lok Kalyan foundation. Established in 2015 through Govt. and ISO 9001:2008 Certified & Registered TM.

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